Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Refocusing: Trying to Find Balance

We'll, I've had this blog for almost 3 years. I spent a little time this morning going back over some of my first posts, laughing a bit at how I've changed and smiling at some memories I'd forgotten. If nothing else, its therapeutic. 
Now on to the meat, and the purpose of this refocused blog. The recent political climate, "gun control" laws, immigration reform offerings, etc. have more than infuriated me, but I've also realized recently that my primary outlet for these infuriations has been Facebook. Now, I'll be the first to admit, there's probably very few people on my facebook that disagree with me entirely. Not because I don’t befriend people of differing views, but because I'm a blunt, outspoken person, and chances are anyone who's opinion differs greatly from mine has probably already de-friended me. If you've stuck it through, I commend you :)
That being said, I'm shifting my political and semi-political rants to blog and twitter format, and hopefully leaving facebook a slightly more friendly environment. I'll still have this blog auto post to facebook, but this allows anyone interested the chance to click on it or ignore it based on their preference. After scrolling through my profile feed I've realized that it’s been a bit too serious of a tone for far too many months. Hopefully this changes that.
More blog posts to come, and here I won't have to censor as much (and oh yes, I've been censoring!)


  1. Ha Ha! Nice. But I am still going to share your rants on FB anyway! But at least you can put some ads on your blog and make some cash to buy gold or ammo :-)


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