Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fundamental Disconnect

The fact that President Obama believes that an image or mention of him skeet shooting is proof enough that he "supports the 2nd amendment" is outright ridiculous and shows a fundamental disconnect between his personal beliefs and what the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees us. 

I've said it before, and I will say it again:

The biggest lie that's been told, repeated, and ingrained into the general populace's mind regarding all this "gun violence" debate is this:

The Second Amendment exists so people have the freedom to hunt and sport shoot. 

WRONG! It exists for average citizen to defend themselves from a tyrannical government that may one day try to take away the rights that were given in the Constitution. Hunting
 and shooting sports have nothing to do with it. We GET to do those things because we have a RIGHT to a firearm, but the 2A is 150% about protecting civilians from the government. Remember that when these government folks try to convince you that it's outdated, unneeded, and no longer applies. 

Obama's insistence that the 2nd Amendment exists for these other purposes let us in on the dirty little "secret" (read: obvious truth) that the current President of the United States flat out doesn't know history or the Constitution. Now THAT is a disturbing thing. 

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